weapons on campus/hostile threats

Download a printable PDF document containing these guidelines.

Quickly determine the most reasonable way
to protect your own life.


Or hide out

Or take action

(As a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger).

Hostile Intruder observed outside a building:

Dial 911 and report when safe to do so:

If not safe to speak, dial 911 and leave the line open so the police can listen to what is taking place. Remain calm and if it is safe to speak, be prepared to provide the following information:

When law enforcement arrives

Your attention to law enforcement officers is vital for survival, so it is important to remain calm and follow their instructions.

After putting down any handheld item such as bags, backpacks, jackets, etc., immediately raise your hands and spread your fingers. Keep your hands visible at all times and avoid making quick movements towards officers, grabbing onto them, pointing, screaming, or yelling at them.

DO NOT stop and ask officers for directions or help when evacuating, just proceed in the direction from which the officers are entering the scene.


These actions cannot cover every possible situation that might occur, but this guide could reduce the number of injuries or deaths if put into action as soon as a situation develops. Time is the most important factor in the optimal management of these types of situations.

Violence in the Workplace Prevention Policy

The State of Connecticut has adopted a statewide zero tolerance policy for workplace violence. The Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (DAS) fully supports this policy and recognizes the right of its employees to work in a safe and secure environment that is characterized by respect and professionalism.

Prohibited Conduct

Except as may be required as a condition of employment:

In addition, DAS prohibits:


Confiscation of Weapons and Dangerous Instruments

Any weapon or dangerous instrument at the worksite will be confiscated and there is no reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to such items in the workplace.

Reporting Procedure

Investigation and Corrective Action

Enforcement of the Policy

This policy will be prominently posted for all DAS employees.