web services

Our Web team provides the following services:

Web training

The university's Web site is structured around a content management system (CMS), which enables users from around the university to develop and update their own departmental Web sites.  

If your department needs a new Web site, or you would like to learn how to work on your department's existing Web site, contact us about training.

Website and web page creation

While we strongly encourage departments to build and maintain their own Web sites, we are here to help when the process isn't going smoothly or if you need something a bit more complex than the CMS might allow.

If you need assistance with creating a site for your department, or just have questions about the process, contact us.

Technical advice

We are happy to provide technical support and advice for Web editors working in the CMS. Contact us with any questions about the Web site.

We can help you work out solutions...

...for various Web-related problems, downloads,  links, images, video, audio, or other issues. Give us a call!

web team

For assistance with your department's Web site, questions about Web training, or any other Web-related needs, contact us:

Jian Chan

Web Administrator
E-mail:  ChanJ2@SouthernCT.edu
Phone: (203) 392-6587

Betsy Beacom

Web Content Manager & Online Calendar Editor
E-mail: BeacomB1@SouthernCT.edu
Phone: (203) 392-6589