Suggested Reading

We encourage you to read more into environmental issues and the importance of sustainability. 

We have suggested reading divided up into books and journals.

Do you have any suggestions?  Please email us!


 Abbey, Edward. Desert Solitaire. Simon and Schuster, Inc., New York, 1968.

Andersen, Tom. This Fine Piece of Water:  An Environmental History of Long Island Sound.  Yale University Press, New Haven, 2002.

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Orr, David. Earth in Mind. Island Press, Washington, D.C., 2004.

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Speth, James Gustave. Red Sky at Morning: America and the Crisis of the Global Environment: A Citizen's Agenda for Action. Yale University Press, New Haven, 2004.

Speth, James Gustave. A Bridge at the Edge of the World. Yale University Press, New Haven, 2008.

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