Curriculum and Research

We are currently in the process of assessing how different academic departments at Southern address sustainability. This section of the Website will grow in coming months, as we gather information. If you have ideas or information, please contact us.

Undergraduate Curriculum

Graduate Curriculum

The Center for Coastal and Marine Studies was established in 2005 to engage undergraduate students and faculty in environmental research focusing on trying to better understand the pressures of human development on natural habitats and find ways to protect the delicate balance between the two. Undergraduates participate directly in ongoing research related to environmental and coastal issues of local, regional. national, and global importance.  Interdisciplinary collaboration and site based research and analysis form core methods of operation.

Classroom Practices: A growing number of professors post syllabi, assignments, and study guides online, and allow students to turn in assignments electronically instead of in print. Paper reduction is a priority in promoting sustainability at Southern.

To learn more about the educational component to our campus sustainability initiatives, check out our education page.