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Reporting Technology Security or Abuse Incidents

All technology incidents must be reported to university police department immediately.

      (203) 392-5375

Please leave your name, your SCSU Windows username, a brief description of the incident, and a phone number. A member of IT incident response team will call you back shortly.

In the event of an incident concerning a compromised computer:

  • STEP AWAY from the computer
  • DO NOT touch it, or take any other action until advised by Information Technology.
  • DO NOT attempt to login, or alter the compromised system.
  • DO NOT power it off. These actions will delete forensic evidence that may be critical to your incident.

If you are reporting an incident related to an email message you received (i.e. spam or phishing), please see: Reporting incidents involving email

As with all security incidents, time is critical. As soon as we become aware of the incident we may take immediate actions to contain and limit the exposure. Therefore, it is critical that you notify University Police of the incident without delay.

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