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academic program assessment status

 Southern continues to make progress in the assessment of student learning in academic programs. The number of programs that actively participate in assessment activities continues to grow. All programs now have identified student learning outcomes for the major, and all have identified appropriate assessment measures. In addition, 68% of programs (30 of 44) have collected data related to their identified student learning outcomes, and 48% of programs (21 of 44) have completed some data analysis which has been used by the department to make changes the curriculum or some other aspect of the program. These programs have provided evidence that they are actively using assessment results to inform departmental decision making and program improvement; an additional 27% of programs (12 of 44) have provided plans for doing so.

All departments have identified an assessment coordinator or liason, and many departments are establishing assessment committees. Our goal is that assessment work be integrated into the normal business of the department in the same way as curriculum implementation and revision function. Assessment activities are monitored and technical assistance is provided to departments by the Office of Assessment and Planning.

The greatest gain this past academic year was the increase in the number of programs that have identified appropriate assessment measures and are actively collecting student learning data.

The following figure compares the status of assessment of student learning by academic departments from 2003-04 through 2008-09.