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2015-2016 Faculty Annual Activity Report (FAAR)

Dear Colleague,

Help us help you and the university by completing your FAAR today! Now is the time to tell us about your many teaching, research, and service activities by going into Digital Measures’ Activity Insight (DMAI) and entering in all of your data. You can then confidently generate the following reports: FAAR, the Candidate Information Form, and your CV. Those who are required to produce administrative reports for accreditation and assessment purposes (e.g., CAEP/NCATE, AACSB, 5th year NEASC interim report) will be given special clearance to generate these types of reports.

Simply go to  and log in using your SCSU username and password.  First to appear will be the ‘Activities Database Main Menu’ page. This will be divided into 5 sections with 29 screens listed underneath the various sections.   In each of the screens, you will enter specific information into the appropriate fields. Remember, some fields will self-populate, while others will require typing or the selection of a response from a drop-down menu. Be certain to enter a date (e.g., start/end) into those fields that request this information. The FAAR completion deadline is June 30, 2016.

For questions or additional instructions, please go to the Office of Assessment and Planning’s website download either of the DMAI guidebooks that have been prepared for you. To view FAQ’s, simply select Digital Measures’ Activity Insight-FAQ’s from the side-bar. As always, for on-going technical assistance, support, and training, please contact Maureen Gilbride-Redman, MPA, MS at or 27054.

I am also happy to announce that the preliminary course workload for the spring 2016 semester has been uploaded into DMAI under section II. Teaching and Professional Competence, Screen C. Scheduled Teaching/Course Innovations. For you, this means that you must go back into DMAI and complete this screen. Simply select one course at a time and then fill in all the open fields within the screen, paying particular attention to those items with an asterisk next to it.  An asterisk denotes a required field.  

So… help us help you and the university! Please complete and enter your FAAR data in DMAI! The more that we know about you, the more that we can brag!

Thank you very much for your continued assistance and cooperation.


 Richard L. Riccardi, Sc.D.

Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness