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NEASC Reaccreditation

Fifth-Year Interim Report


President Mary A. Papazian appointed a steering committee to prepare the fifth-year interim report to the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The committee is co-chaired by Ilene Crawford, associate vice president for academic affairs and Richard Riccardi, associate vice president for institutional effectiveness.
In 2012, the university received notice of its full reaccreditation by NEASC, following a self-study report that analyzed Southern’s effectiveness as a teaching and learning institution and assessed the extent to which the university met each of 11 standards for accreditation. To view the reaccreditation letter from NEASC, click here.
As part of the reaccreditation process, the university is required to submit a fifth-year interim report for consideration in the fall of 2016. The purpose of the fifth-year report is to review how the institution continues to meet the Standards for Accreditation and progress since the last comprehensive evaluation; to prepare a reflective essay on student learning; to project areas of focus for the next five years leading up to the next comprehensive review in 2021; to serve as a vehicle for stimulating improvements within the institution; and to support NEASC in its role of assuring the public of the quality of the institution.
The steering committee met for the first time in October 2015. NEASC announced revised standards in January 2016. The committee worked until April 2016 on the revised nine standards for accreditation. A draft report was prepared and made available for public comment in July. NEASC granted an extension to allow President Bertolino adequate time to review the report prior to submission. Public comments and additional feedback from the President’s leadership council and Provost’s Council were incorporated.  The final report was submitted to NEASC on September 29, 2016.

Steering Committee

Standard 1
Mission and Purposes
Yan Searcy, Associate Dean of Health and Human Services
Chris Catching, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Bill Faraclas (PCH)

Standard 2
Planning and Evaluation
Rick Riccardi, Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
Aaron Clark (MAT)

Standard 3
Organization and Governance
Jaye Bailey, Chief of Staff and Vice President for Organizational Development
Matthew Rothbard (EXS)

Standard 4
The Academic Program
Bruce Kalk, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences
Tess Marchant-Shapiro (PSC)
Nicole Fluhr (ENG)
Wes O’Brien (MDS)
Kim Laing, Banner ERP Specialist

Standard 5
Jules Tetreault, Dean of Students
Libby Rhoades (CSP)
Terricita Sass, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Standard 6
Support for Teaching and Learning
Bonnie Farley-Lucas, Director, Office of Faculty Development (COM)
Michele Thompson (HIS)
Karen Musmanno, Academic Technologies
Ian Canning, Director of Special Programs
Craig Hlavac (MUS)

Standard 7
Institutional Resources
Diane Mazza, Chief Human Resources Officer
Lise Brule, Comptroler
Cindy Schofield, Library Services
Rebecca Silady (BIO)
Nick Valsamis, IT
Tim Krauss

Standard 8
Educational Effectiveness
Michael Ben-Avie, Director of Assessment and Planning
Ilene Crawford, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Charlie Yang (MGT)
Kelly Stiver (PSY)

Standard 9
Integrity, Transparency, and Public Disclosure
Betsy Beacom, Assistant Director of Public Affairs
Paula Rice, Director of Diversity and Equity
Lynn Kwak (MKT) 


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