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Note:  For degree requirements, students must consult the undergraduate catalog and all associated revisions, based on the academic year in which they first matriculated.  For questions, students should consult with their adviser.  

Undergraduate Catalog 

View the 2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
     - View the updates to the 2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

graduate catalog

View the 2014-2015 Graduate Catalog

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View the Current Online Graduate and Undergraduate Course Schedules here.

special topics courses 

View the Spring 2015 Special Topics Courses here.


Check back after March 1, 2015 for Summer 2015 Institutes.


Undergraduate Catalogs:

View the online 2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog
      - View the updates to the 2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog  

View the 2009-2011 Undergraduate Catalog 
     - View the 2009-2011 Undergraduate Catalog Updates

View the 2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog

View the 2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog

View the 2006-2007 Undergraduate Catalog

Graduate Catalogs:

View the 2013-2014 Graduate Catalog

View the 2012-2013 Graduate Catalog

View the 2011 - 2012 Graduate Catalog