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Guest Speaker Funding

Graduate Student Affairs Committee

Guest Speaker Funding

The Graduate Student Affairs Committee makes funds available for faculty members teaching graduate classes to bring guest speakers into those graduate classes.

I. Procedure for applying for funding

a. Faculty members who are requesting funding for guest speakers should download the Guest Speaker Funding Application from the GSAC website.

b. Faculty members should complete the application and secure the signature of their department chairperson before submitting the form.

c. Requests must be submitted to the GSAC Coordinator at least three weeks prior to the engagement.

d. Faculty are responsible for making any room arrangements.

e. Faculty should contact the GSAC Coordinator at (203) 392-6165 with any questions about guest speaker funding.

II. Criteria and limits

a. Courses for which funding is requested must be graduate level (500 and up).

b. Faculty members can only request funding for guest speakers for classes that they are teaching.

c. GSAC cannot fund guest speakers who are faculty, staff, or adjunct faculty at SCSU.

d. There is a maximum of $150.00 per semester that can be requested by any faculty member teaching a graduate course per semester, pending availability of funds.

e. If the event is publicized, GSAC must be acknowledged as a sponsor of the event. The following statement should appear on all publicity: "This program is sponsored under the auspices of the Division of Student and University Affairs and the Graduate Student Affairs Committee."

f. The funds are allocated on a first come, first served basis and partial awards may be granted if necessary.

g. Funding decisions for guest speakers are based on the prior financial support received by the faculty member for the guest speakers and on the availability of funds.