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Graduate Faculty Roster



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Name Phone Number Email Room Number Title
Bills, Mitchell 392-6649 billsm1 EA 111A Chairperson
Brownell, Mia 392-6709 brownellm2 EA 215 Professor
Carr, T. Wiley 392-6636 carrt1 EA 215C Professor
Guagliumi, Arthur 392-6639 guagliumia1 EA 215D Professor
Hatcher, Keith 392-6640 hatcherk1 EA 159 Professor
Lavin, Terrence 392-6651 lavint1 EA 205 Associate Professor
Levine, David 392-6642 levined1 EA 209 Professor
Serchuk, Camille 392-6644 SerchukC1 EA 209 Professor
Sierpinski, Cort 392-6645 sierpinskic1 EA 105 Professor
Vu, Thuan 392-6690 vut1 EA 206A Associate Professor
Whitehead, Jessie 392-8913 whiteheadj3 EA 202A Graduate Coordinator
Wieder, Charles 392-6646 wiederc1 EA 202A Assistant Professor