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The Southern Connecticut State University Department of Biology Presents:

The 2018 International Field Study in


June 1-10,2018


Belize Application (PDF) Please return completed application to the OIE in EN A-220.

Students enrolled in Southern's Belize 2018 Summer Program will be immersed in the culture and ecology of one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world. Be prepared to examine the natural history, ecological processes and tropical ecosystems of Belize. The combination of low human population density and a variety of terrestrial and marine habitats provides an ideal home for hundreds of species of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, and thousands of species of plants and insects.

Practice various field biology techniques and integrate knowledge and methods from a variety of biological disciplines to explain the structure and preservation of tropical ecosystems. Identify and explain the ecological niche of a plethora of tropical species,and practice species identification and processing of a wide variety of animal taxa. Students must be capable of mildly strenuous exercise and tolerant of high temperatures and humidity.

Study in Belize allows students the opportunity to value the diversity of cultures and offers an astoundingly lush backdrop for moments of introspection. Experience the practices and culture of ancient and modern Maya civilization and sense their presence in current cultures and biological practices. Value the importance of outreach, ecotourism and conservation while improving communication, collaborative and interpersonal skills with teamwork and interactions within the local community.

Prior to travel, students and instructor will meet on campus to discuss the history and evolution of the Maya civilization, patterns of global biodiversity and conservation, tropical ecology and taxa, and an introduction on safety as it relates to our travel itinerary. Post-trip classtime is reserved for student presentations.


Students must enroll in the following course:

BIO 327 Field Natural History In Belize (3 credits)


Students must complete Southern's risk management paperwork before traveling abroad. Students must also have a record free of disciplinary problems, and have a valid passport.

To register for BIO 327, students must have completed the prerequisite courses BIO 102 and 103, or receive special permission from the instructor to enroll.


The Lamanai Outpost Lodge  in northwestern Belize in the Orange Walk District is nestled in the jungle on the bank of New Riverand adjacent to the Lamanai Maya Archaeological Reserve. There are several private cabanas, a central dining and social area, and a well-maintained lab/classroom space. The lodge provides safe drinking water, wireless internet, linens, towels and many other comforts one would expect in a modern hotel. Three meals per day are provided and special dietary needs can be met upon request.

Days in Belize will include some combination of classroom discussion and/or field studies and excursions. Excursions occur on land and by boat and may include, but are not limited to: howler monkey trek, bat netting, small mammal trapping, the Lamanai Maya temple ruins and jungle hike with a guide,canoeing the river and tributaries, crocodile monitoring, Maya medicinal plants trail hike, evening spotlighting and various nature walks.


Deposit: $700 Due: with application
Second Payment: $1000 Due: March 22, 2018
Final Payment: $1000 Due: May 1, 2018

Program Fee Includes:
• Transportation (airfare, transport to/from airport and transport within Belize)
• Day trips and planned excursions
• Entrance fees for all sponsored activities
• All-inclusive meals and lodging

Program Fee Does Not Include:
SCSU's tuition and summer registration fee, personal expenses, touring, books, laundry, snacks, medical and living expenses, or any additional expenses that alter the itinerary or arrangements

Please Note:
The program fee does not include the cost of OnCall insurance—a stand-alone insurance policy that provides coverage for evacuation and repatriation, required for all students studying abroad. Any student who is not enrolled full-time, or has not purchased the SCSU (Aetna) student health plan, which includes OnCall coverage, is required to purchase the OnCall stand-alone policy for $36.00 prior to travel. For information on purchasing OnCall, contact the Office of International Education at 203-392-7257.

For information regarding financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 
(203) 392-5222 or

*Deposits will be refunded in full if this application is rejected by the program Director.

A non-refundable deposit of $600.00 made out to 'Southern Connecticut State University' is due upon application to the program. This initial deposit secures the applicant's airfare.  A second payment of $962 is due on March 22, 2017.  The remainder of the balance of $963  is due no later than May 1, 2017.

Program fees are based upon historical program costs and current rates of exchange. Extreme fluctuation in exchange rates or boarding costs in Italy may result in additional fees being charged. The University reserves the right to change the itinerary of proposed trips if needed to control the cost of the overall trip.  In the event that additional fees exceed the current costs by more than 20%, the student may choose to drop the course and receive a refund of all funds recoverable by the university. Fees will be frozen on May 1, 2014 and after May 1 there will be no refunds. The program does not accept responsibility for personal property, which must be insured separately if desired, and reserves the right to make changes required by circumstances.


Currently, all courses abroad for the academic year are expected to operate. Southern Connecticut State University's Office of International Education (SCSU-OIE) will monitor world events and make any change to this decision on an individual course basis any time between now and the departure dates.

If Southern Connecticut State University cancels an off-campus course, students will be refunded their deposits and all monies the university is able to recover from program providers. The SCSU-OIE office will aggressively negotiate with providers for the refunds.

If a student withdraws from an off-campus course at any time between now and the departure date, the student will forfeit his/her deposit but will be refunded all other recoverable amounts. In the event the price of the trip rises more than 20%, the student may withdraw and receive both recoverable funds and deposit.

Students who must cancel their participation in a course abroad program must do so in writing to Dr. Erin Heidkamp, Director of the Office of International Education.

The Office of International Education will work to delay payment to providers on costs for course abroad programs as long as possible and request clearly-stated refund policies from all providers for all programs prior to payments. Students who wish to purchase cancellation insurance should contact their insurance provider.

If Southern Connecticut State University cancels an off-campus course, the staff of SCSU-OIE will work with individual course abroad faculty members in adapting their course, when possible, for the Southern Connecticut State University campus. This is understood to be an emergency procedure in place as a result of unusual or unforeseen world events. If an off-campus course cannot be adapted to the on-campus setting, the faculty member will work to develop an alternative on-campus course for the students enrolled. If this is possible, efforts will be made to enroll students in existing on-campus courses.

For additional information, contact:

Dr. Miranda Dunbar
Biology Department
JE 239
Phone: (203) 392-6221