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Southern Connecticut State University

Department of Nursing Presents:

International Field Study in China


The SCSU in China program provides Nursing students a unique opportunity to study global healthcare abroad, within a developing, culturally-diverse population. Students will be introduced to the theoretical foundations of global healthcare, which include:

  • Nursing care as related to health, illness and culture
  • Relevant research with a focus in cultural issues
  • Global diversity and healthcare delivery
  • Communication of care in global communities
  • Health disparities across culturally-diverse communities and populations
  • Biological bases for health
  • Incorporation of culturally-competent nursing practices

Students will identify how cultural issues and global diversity impact the delivery of healthcare. They will reflect on their own feelings, beliefs and behaviors regarding working with diverse and vulnerable populations. SCSU nursing students will work collaboratively with Chinese nursing students from Central South University to explore, understand and appreciate these differences. Participants from both universities must also identify, assess and plan interventions from a global perspective.

Through this enriching educational opportunity, students will come away with a unique understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity, as well as the impact finances and the local country's economy have on healthcare.


NUR 498  Understanding Global Health Care (3 credits)

*A deposit is NOT a guarantee of acceptance. All decisions regarding admissions are made by the trip leader(s). Deposits will be refunded in full if student is not admitted into the Program.

For information regarding financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at
(203) 392-5222 or

For additional information and applications contact:

Dr. Antoinette Towle
Southern Connecticut State University
Department of Nursing
Phone: 203-392-6728

Final acceptance into the program will be given by the program director, Dr. Antoinette Towle.