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Greece Spring Recess

Southern Connecticut State University

Departments of Mathematics and Education Present:

International Field Study in Greece
Greece Application (PDF) - Please fill out and return to Engleman Hall 220.

This field study in Greece will provide students international experiences in the area of mathematics, mathematics education, and STEM-related activities in historic and breathtaking regions of Greece. Students will visit university, elementary, and high school classes to attend lectures and observe the culture of education in Greece. They will participate in STEM activities at the Patras' Science Center – an interactive STEM center. Students will also visit the island of Samos, home of the University of the Aegean (housing the School of Sciences, with departments of Math, Information and Communication Systems Engineering, and Statistics and Actuarial Science) and the birthplace of Pythagoras, where they will attend lectures on Pythagoras and his discoveries, such as the Pythagorean theorem. One last experience will be the visit to Cape Sounion in Athens, the most southern point of the main land.

At each locale, the students will be guided on the culture and history of Greece, highlighting the impact to philosophy, art and architecture, sciences, and mathematics over the centuries.


MAT 398- Special Topics in Mathematics (3 credits)
EDU 298/599 – Special Topics in Education (3 credits)
MAT 398 will allow students to (a) experience and international culture of teaching of mathematics; (b) provide a hands-on STEM laboratory activity; (c) visit Pythagora's birthplace and attend lectures at the universities; (d) visit elementary and high school classes.

For information regarding financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at
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*Deposits will be refunded in full if this application is rejected by the program Director.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Maria Diamantis, Ed.D.
Mathematics Department
Office: EN D 133
Phone: (203) 392-6143