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England (Poulton)

Southern Connecticut State University

Department of Anthropology presents:

International Field Study in Poulton, England 

Poulton Program Application (PDF) - Please fill out and return to Engleman Hall 220.

Students enrolled  in the Poulton field school program will be given an unprecedented opportunity to experience an intensive field school study in archaeology and English history. Located just five miles from the medieval city of Chester, Poulton is home to a multi-period excavation site dating back to the Mesolithic period. Prior excavations have uncovered a chapel and graveyard, which has yielded over 850 skeletal remains thus far, and which suggests another 800 burials yet to be unearthed. There is evidence, too, of high-status Roman occupation, Bronze Age farming, Neolithic activity, and Mesolithic use of the site for seasonal hunting. It is suggested that Poulton has been home to nearly 10,000 years of continuous human activity.

While abroad, students will participate in the continuing excavation, spending ten days on-site working alongside archaeologists and volunteers. Students will be expected to learn archaeological methodology, gain hands-on experience in an active and significant excavation, and learn how to process artifacts and human skeletal remains. While not on-site, students will visit other ruins of historic and prehistoric significance, process artifacts and skeletal remains in the Liverpool John Moores University bio-archaeology lab, and explore the city of Chester.


Students must enroll in the following three-credit course via their BannerWeb account: 

ANT 305: Field School in Archaeology

All tuition must be paid directly to the Student Accounts Office.

For information regarding financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at
(203) 392-5222 or

*Deposits will be refunded if this application is rejected by the Program Director. 

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Kathleen Skoczen
Department of Anthropology
Engleman Hall C-026d