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Listed below are the minimum requirements for NSE participation.  All of these requirements are applicable at the time of application and at the completion of the term immediately prior to exchange.  This means that any student applying to participate in the NSE Program must have completed at least one semester at their home institution prior to having their application for exchange considered.

Minimum Requirements:

1. Enrollment status: Student must be enrolled as a full-time student at SCSU.  (Note: With the agreement of the host and home coordinators, part-time students may be considered eligible for NSE if they are degree-seeking, non-traditional students who agree to pursue a full-time program of study while on exchange.)

2. Grade Point Average (GPA): Student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 at SCSU.

3. Academic Good Standing: Student must not have any deficiencies in academic requirements that would jeopardize their degree program status (e.g., not having completed and passed required proficiency exams); student must not have any course work for which grades are still pending beyond currently registered courses (e.g., incompletes from prior terms); student must not be on, or have pending, any probationary status due to academic dishonesty or misconduct.

4. Financial: Student must not have any outstanding debt to the home institution.

5. Social/Behavioral: Student must not be under any campus disciplinary action for violation of codes of student conduct; student must not be on probation, parole, or have any civil or criminal legal judgments pending; student must be able to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability.