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Here are some brief excerpts from student essays written after the students returned from studying abroad. To find out more about these students' study abroad experiences, click on the links.  

Victoria Hultgren (Art major)
"Are You Ready For a Road Trip?" (pdf)

"(...) in the end taking that class and choosing that path was the better choice rather than taking the easier one. Soon I started to meet people from all over the world, striving to learn a new language and trying to adapt to this same new city just as I was. I started to steer my path away from comfort and leap into new cultures and experiences with others who I could practice the German language with. I wanted to experience the world and understand others and their cultures in a way I could never do while reading books back in the United States."


Kevin Ringrose (Philosophy major)
"Reflections on my Time Abroad"

"(...)Ultimately, more than anything from my time in Konstanz, what I took away was the people. It's very easy to meet people abroad, you'll be taking language classes, and quickly discover that you have a great deal in common with the other international students you meet in there: none of you are fluent in the native language, you know very few, if any, people in the country and are thus looking to meet others, and are all looking to have a good time during their studies abroad."

Schloss Neuschwanstein