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Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (36-37 credits)

The Bachelor of Arts option is designed to reflect the full breadth and depth of anthropology within a theoretical rather than a career-oriented context. The broader focus of the Bachelor of Arts will be particularly helpful to students who prefer not to be channeled into a concentration in their undergraduate years.

Core Courses (12 credits)

ANT 101 - Cultural Anthropology

ANT 102 - Physical Anthropology

ANT 204 - Language and Culture

ANT 205 - Prehistoric Archaeology 

Methods Course (3 credits)

ANT 402 - Apes and Human Evolution

ANT 465 - Anthropological Linguistics

ANT 470 - Ethnographic Fieldwork Methods

ANT 475 - Methods in Archaeology

Additional Requirements (6 credits)

ANT 480 - Theory in Anthropology

ANT 490 - Seminar in Anthropology

Electives (15 credits)

15 credits in ANT