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Spring colloquium Series & Pizza Lunch

Join us this spring from February to April for as we Explore Our World: What Makes Us Human

National Anthropology Day - February, 19, 2015 - EN C020 - 12:30 to 1:30 PM

Dr. Kathleen N. Skoczen
Women, Blood, and Power: Coming of Age Cross-Culturally

Menstrual blood has been explored as an index of pollution and taboo as well as power and position in anthropology. Between menarche and menopause universally women contend with the biology of menstruation. The cultural constructions surrounding menstruation challenge Western assumptions.                Here menstruation is explored from a cross-cultural and biocultural perspective, with an eye to understanding how this knowledge is key to appreciating the world we live in.National Anthropology Day

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Honors Convocation April 30, 2014

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