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Dr. Joseph C. Manzella

MANZELLA, JOSEPH C., Professor Emeritus, Anthropology; B.A. University of Miami; M.A. Wesleyan University; Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Dr. Manzella is a cultural anthropologist whose varied research interests have taken him to various venues on five continents. Specifically he has published articles, books or book chapters on social and cultural phenomena in Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, South Africa, Denmark, Scotland, Venezuela, Canada and the United States. Much of his research has focused on news media and media cultures. More recently, he has published on intentional communities in the context of resistance to modernization. That research has been extended to include the ongoing study of alternative spiritual movements in North America and Western Europe. Prior to entering academia in 1988, he worked as a newspaper editor, reporter, news designer and photographer for 16 years, the last nine with The Hartford Courant. He has published several academic articles, and while a journalist he authored about 1,900 news articles, editorials and commentaries. Dr. Manzella also is the author of two books, The Struggle To Revitalize American Newspapers (2002) and Common Purse, Uncommon Future: The Long Strange Trip of Communes and Other Intentional Communities (2010). He is currently at work on a book on alternative spirituality in the Western world. Dr. Manzella served as chair of the Department of Anthropology from 2002-2008.