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Dr. Kathleen Skoczen

SKOCZEN, KATHLEEN, Professor, Anthropology; M.A., Ph.D., Syracuse University; (203) 392-5679

Kathleen N. Skoczen received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Anthropology with a certificate in Women's Studies from the Maxwell School of Citizenship at Syracuse University in 1995. In 1998 Dr. Skoczen joined the faculty at SCSU and is now a professor of Anthropology and Chair of the department. Dr. Skoczen's dissertation research focused on indigenous healers in the northeast Dominican Republic . Her research interests include women's health in the context of development, tourism development, identity politics, Caribbean history and religious expression. Since 1985, Dr. Skoczen has spent more than five years living and visiting the Dominican Republic . Dr. Skoczen has published in several places including The Journal of Latin American & Caribbean Anthropology, The Women's Health Journal and the American Anthropology Newsletter, and presents at regional, national, and international conferences regularly. She has received a Fulbright Fellowship, National Science Foundation Award, Rockefeller Foundation Grant and several CSU grants for her continued research in the area. Additionally, Dr. Skoczen has conducted research in Spain with Dominican women and is presently working on a project in the United States on breastfeeding success among young mothers. In 1998 Dr. Skoczen established the SCSU chapter of Amnesty International that she continues to advise. Dr. Skoczen helped establish the Caribbean and Latin America concentration at SCSU and was instrumental in creating the anthropology major on campus. Dr. Skoczen regularly teaches Medical Anthropology, Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean and other courses in Anthropology and in the Women's Studies program.