Chemistry Department faculty and staff



Full-Time Faculty


First row (l-r): Drs. Barnes, Kowalczyk, Pang, and Lesley.
Second row (l-r): Drs. Solbrig, Coca, Kearns, Webb, and Karatjas.


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Dr. M. J. Gerald Lesley
Chair, Professor
Inorganic Chemistry/

Organometallic Chemistry/General Chemistry

Dr. Greg Kowalczyk
Associate Professor

Environmental Chemistry/
General Chemistry

Dr. Jiongdong Pang
Associate Professor


Dr. Adiel Coca
Assistant Professor
Organic Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Andrew Karatjas
Assistant Professor
Organic Chemistry

Dr. Jeffrey A. Webb
Assistant Professor
Chemical Education

Dr. Ericka C. Barnes
Assistant Professor
Physical Chemistry/Computational Chemistry

Dr. Camille Solbrig
Assistant Professor
General Chemistry 

Dr. James Kearns
Assistant Professor
Analytical Chemistry/General Chemistry


emeritus Faculty


Dr. William Condon,
Professor Emeritus
Analytical/Instrumental Chemistry

Dr. Nate Lerner,
Professor Emeritus
Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry/Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Ronald Panicci,
Professor Emeritus
Organic Chemistry

Dr. George P. Puerscher,
Professor Emeritus
Analytical/Quantitative Analysis

Dr. Phillip Horrigan,
Professor Emeritus
Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. James Barrante,
Professor Emeritus
Physical Chemistry/General Chemistry 



Part-time Faculty

Rajintha Bandaranayake 
John Bozzuto
Sylvie Gauthier
Jason Gerbino
Marc Horowitz
Saroj Kapoor
Jan Kowalczyk
Raymond Letize
Dr. MaryAnn Mitnick
Dr. Mike Osber
Dr. Amanda Petrus
Jan Pikul
Carlos Quimbaya
Dr. Rex Ren
Dr. Ahmadali Tabatabai
Kate Taylor
Michael Taylor
Diana Tseperkas
Dr. Yigui Wang





Lisa Curley



Office: JE 343
Phone: (203) 392-6260



Janet Sanford

Janet Sanford
Stockroom Manager


Office: JE 120
Phone: (203) 392-2674




Dr. Yigui WangDr. Yigui Wang
Laboratory Assistant


Office: JE 327 
Phone: (203) 392-6983