Chemistry Department Pre-Med Advising

pre-med advisors


Pre-med Committee members:
Dr. Jane Feng, Biology Department, JE 231, Tel: 203-392-6263, e-mail:
Dr. Jonathan Weinbaum, Biology Department, JE 204A, Tel: 203-392-6210, e-mail:
Dr. Jiong D. Pang, Chemistry Department, JE 323, Tel: 203-392-6272, e-mail:
Dr. Adiel Coca, Chemistry Department, JE 304, Tel: 203-392-6982, e-mail:
Dr. Karen Cummings, Physics Department, JE 117, Tel: 203-392-7043, e-mail
Dr. Todd Schwendemann, Physics Department, JE 115, Tel: 203-392-6431, e-mail
Dr. Kelly Bordner, Psychology Department, END 35, Tel: 203-392-6862, e-mail


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Pre-Medical Committee Calendar

Students can contact any committee member for questions they may have at any time.

Fall: Group and individual advisement and evaluation
Spring: Group and individual advisement and evaluation
February: Candidates acquire the interview materials from the chairperson
April: Candidates submit the committee interview materials
Second Friday in April: Committee Interview
June through September: Committee letters sent out
September: Committee interview for students whose files were not completed during the previous cycle.