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Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science Degrees in Secondary Education

This sequence includes the chemistry courses required for the ACS (American Chemical Society) Approved Bachelor of Science Degree.  Research experience is highly recommended.  Secondary education majors must also complete specific professional requirements for Initial Teaching Certification in Connecticut (see your adviser or Major Programs in Secondary Education under the School of Education) 

Select the course number (CHE XXX - below) to view a recent NCATE version of the course syllabus where available.  One upper-level elective (this would include research) is required with completion of CHE 301/445. Completion of University Requirements and 25-26 elective credits completes the minimum of 122 credits for the Bachelor of Arts degree.  A total of 5 elective credits are required to complete the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education.

(*Starting point: math placement in Precalculus)

(**Research is not a requirement for ACS Approved Degrees or completion of the Degree in Secondary Education, but meets the lab elective requirement and is strongly suggested as an elective in the fourth year.)



First year requirements and cognates: 

General Chemistry I & II (CHE 120/121 - fall/spring)

Precalculus* (MAT 122 - fall)

Calculus I (MAT 150 - spring)




Second year requirements and cognates: 

Organic Chemistry I & II (CHE 260/261 - fall/spring) 

Quantitative Analysis (CHE 240 - fall or spring)

Calculus II & III (MAT 151/252 - fall/spring)

Physics I & II (PHY 230/231 - fall/spring)

Preparation of Scientific Documents for Chemistry (CHE 301)




Third year requirements:

Physical Chemistry I & II (CHE 370/371/372/373 - fall/spring)

Biochemistry I (CHE 450 - fall semester)

Upper-Level Elective (or senior research in the fourth year**):

Environmental Chemistry (CHE 340 - spring) 

Instrumental Analysis (CHE 440 - spring semester)  

Biochemistry II (CHE 451 - spring)

Medicinal Chemistry (CHE 456 - fall)

Special Topics (CHE 498 - see current catalogue)




Fourth year requirements:

Inorganic Chemistry (CHE 435/436 - fall/spring)

Chemistry Seminar (CHE 496 - fall)

Chemical Hazards and Laboratory Safety (CHE 445 - spring)

Chemical Research (CHE 490/491 - fall/spring)**