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Communication Dept Mission

In a global environment marked by an omnipresence of digital technologies and evolving notions of community, it is critical that students who successfully complete our program demonstrate the ability to effectively investigate, question, appreciate, communicate, collaborate, evaluate, and adapt to change. Emphasizing an appreciation of life-long and self-sufficient learning, we want our students to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that will lead to success in the workplace and in life.

In our program, students will hone their skills in and out of the classroom through active, experientially-based learning opportunities and engagement with various communication technologies. Our Department is committed to innovative teaching strategies, to scholarship, and to creative activity that provides greater understanding and appreciation of evolving work processes, responsible citizenship, sensitivity toward others, and integration of technology in everyday experience.

Sensitive to this need, our Department helps its students develop competencies in four key areas:

(1) knowledge and understanding of the concepts and skills situated within the discipline;

(2) creative and critical thinking skills;

(3) performance-based skills, including oral presentation, writing, and creative message design; and

(4) awareness of personal and professional identity in a complex and diverse culture.

The Department of Communication at Southern Connecticut State University sees our students as "professionals in training" who seek an understanding of their place in a constantly changing world. It is our mission to give them the means to do this.