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John DaPonte

daponteMorrill Hall 117
Phone:  203.392.5810


Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT

M.S. in Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

B.A. in Engineering (Cum Laude)
Stony Brook, NY


Image processing, Pattern Recognition, efficient ways of using Educational Technology in the classroom. Most recently I have been applying image sequence analysis to track storm systems on images collected at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. 


DaPonte, J.S. and Lancor, L., "An Alternative Plan for Implementing Computer Literacy into the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum", Fourteenth International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, Jacksonville, Florida April 1 - 5, 2003.

DaPonte, J.S., Vitale, J.N., Parikh, J. A. and Tselioudis, G. "Tracking remotely sensed cloud images in time and space", Visualization of Temporal and Spatial Data for Civilian and Defense Applications III, The International Society for Optical Engineering, SPIE AeroSense - 2001, Orlando, Florida April 16 - 20, 2001, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 4368.

DaPonte, J.S., Vitale, J.N., Parikh, J. A. and Tselioudis, G. "Temporal Analysis of Remotely Sensed Image Sequences", Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere - The European Optical Society and The International Society for Optical Engineering Remote Sensing Conference, Florence Italy, September 20 - 24, 1999.

Parikh, J.A., DaPonte, J.S., Vitale, J.N. and Tselioudis, G. "An evolutionary system for recognition and tracking of synoptic-scale storm systems", Pattern Recognition Letters 20, 1999 (pp. 1389- 1396).

Parikh, J.A., DaPonte, J.S., and Vitale, J.N. "Hybrid neural network techniques for storm system identification and tracking", Proceedings of 1999 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Washington, D.C., July 10-16, 1999.

DaPonte, J.S. and Parikh, J.A. "Visualization of deep-convective image sequences." Visual Information Processing VIII. Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 3716, April 5-8, 1999.

Parikh, J.A., DaPonte, J.S., and Vitale, J.N. "Unsupervised classification techniques of storm region correspondences." Applications and Science of Computation Intelligence II. Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 3722, pp. 276-283, April 5-8, 1999.


"Implementation and Comparison of the Backpropagation Algorithm in SAS", presented to Informs New York Metro Chapter, February 17, 1999.

"Computer Aided Medical Diagnosis of Ultrasound Images", presented to the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, January 19, 1994 at Southern Connecticut State University.


Curriculum Development Grant, 2003

Principal Investigator for the SCSU 1998 Partner School summer research program in conjunction with the Institute on Climate and Planets located at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies for an amount of $13,000.

Application of Parallel Processing and Neural Networks to the development of a general‑purpose computer vision system. A collaborative high tech research grant from the Department of Higher Education for the State of Connecticut. The grants were awarded jointly to Southern Connecticut State University and the University of Bridgeport. The amount listed below reflects the portion of each grant awarded to Southern Connecticut State University, which was shared with Dr. Jo Ann Parikh.

Years Amount
1990-91 $24,647
1989-90 $28,000
1988-89 $40,885