B.A in Economics

The B.A. program in economics offers both a major and a minor in economics. The major requires a minimum of 30 credits in economics. Students build their program based on a rigorous foundation of introductory, intermediate, and quantitative courses. Elective courses, chosen in consultation with the adviser, allow students to pursue individual interests that support their career and post-graduate academic goals.

Areas of interest include public policy (health, environment and law), advanced theory (labor, industrial organization, econometrics, mathematical economics, and econometrics), macroeconomic theory and policy, economic philosophy and economic history. A B.A. in economics provides students with an excellent basis for graduate study in economics, business, or law and for careers in business, teaching, public policy, or government.


Dr. Katherine Bendrick, Visiting Assistant Professor
Dr. Judith W. Mills, Retired Associate Professor
Dr. Deborah A. Savage, Associate Professor/Advisor, Economics Society


Dr. Deborah A. Savage, Program Adviser
Engleman Hall C 234D
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Department Secretary: (203) 392-5666