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English Department Over-Enrollment Policy

Please read the following before requesting an over-enrollment.

The English Department normally does not grant over-enrollments in its courses. As much as we would love to allow every student to enroll in the course and section of his or her choice, over-enrollments result in larger class sizes, less faculty attention to individual students and their work, and a seriously diminished education for every student.

In order to maintain the high level of educational quality in all ENG courses, therefore, the department will consider over-enrollment requests ONLY under the following circumstances--and there is no guarantee under any circumstances that your over-enrollment request will be accommodated.

First Step:

Check the university's online course listings regularly and repeatedly for newly opened seats in existing courses as the semester begins. (In many of these courses, there is plenty of add/drop activity near the beginning of the semester. If you're diligent, you may well be able to pick up a seat in the course you want.)

Second Step:

    For 100-level courses
    Over-enrollment will be considered if there are no available seats in other sections of the desired course and:
  • In the department's judgment, it is unlikely that openings in any section of the desired course will occur before the end of Add/Drop;
  • You have a documented physical or other disability that requires you to take a course in a particular time slot or location;
  • You were in a composition course that was cancelled;
  • You are completing a course with an instructor who previously assigned you an "I."

If you meet the above conditions, contact Professor Elizabeth Kalbfleisch, by email ( or by phone at (203) 392-6732 to discuss your situation.

    For 200-400-level courses:
    An over-enrollment will be considered if:
  • You are in your last semester of study;
  • You need the course to fulfill either the university literature requirement or an English major/minor requirement;
  • No open course or section will fulfill the requirement;
  • In the department's judgment, it is unlikely that openings in a course that fulfills the requirement will occur before the end of Add/Drop.

Please Note: day, time, or location preferences will not be considered grounds for overenrollment unless you have a documented disability that requires you to take a course at a particular time or in a particular location.The English Department will not over-enroll “W” courses.

If you meet the above conditions, contact the Department Chair Professor Andrew Smyth, chair at or (203) 392-5113 to discuss your situation.

(Updated Aug. 2017)