Ethnic Studies Minor Requirements

How do i DECLARe THE ethnic studies MINOR?

Students interested in declaring Ethnic Studies as their minor should complete the application by clicking "Application".

 Return the form to Dr. Jackson by email or by dropping it off in the Sociology Department. Please see Dr. Jackson or Dr. Madison as soon as possible to discuss how the minor might complement your existing major program(s) of study.


What courses do i need?

The Ethnic Studies minor draws upon courses in many different departments across the university. Please see the Undergraduate Catalog for course descriptions.

Students are required enroll in SOC 310: Racial and Ethnic Relations.  Thereafter, they may choose five courses from any of the courses listed above. With the consent of the coordinators, students may be advised to enroll in other courses on racial/ethnic minorities in the United States with the consent of the coordinators.

ANT 321: Indians of North America

ANT 355: Native American Women

ENG 423: Contemporary African American Novelists

ENG 424: The Harlem Renaissance

HIS 210: U.S. Black History

HIS 229: Cuba and Puerto Rico

HIS 257: American Indian History I

HIS 258: American Indian History II

HIS 364: Travel to the Hawaiian Nation

HIS 365: Hawaiian History

JRN 240: Race and The News

MDS 350: Resistive Vernaculars

PSC 326: Race and Ethnicity in American Politics

SOC 310: Race and Ethnic Relations (REQUIRED)

SOC 312: The African American Experience

SOC 317: Women of Color in the U.S.

URB 306: Intergroup Relations in Contemporary Society

URB 310: Prejudice and Public Issues

WMS 355: Native American Women