Opportunities for History Majors


The private sector offers many opportunities for students with a history or liberal arts background.  Listed are numerous, but by no means exhaustive, examples of the types of businesses and industries which rely on employees who can research, document, analyze, synthesize, and communicate effectively.

Marketing and Advertising

     Researching market performance, determining trends for future decisions, analyzing historical marketing techniques and systems and advertising strategies.


     Copy editing, manuscript evaluation, researching market demands for historical publications and their uses (educational, personal, etc.)

Public Relations

     Research and analysis of public trends, presentation of clients' activities based on historical interpretation, manage company archives, write historical material for organizational promotional purposes.


     Analysis of markets, financial, economic, political risk over-time, staff training in corporate history and foreign cultures through diversity and multiculturalism workshops, collect and document oral histories for organizational diagnosis, manage company archives, write historical material for organizational promotional purposes. 

Mineral Extraction Industries

     Analyze political risk and key political figures with reference to economic implications for business; research claims and geographical and land use history, write for corporate communications and public relations, manage company archives and information retrieval services.


Other Industries include Utilities, Law, Banking, Insurance, Investment Services, Communications, Journalism