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Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes for B.A. and B.S. Programs in History (revised May 2011)

1) Discern the credibility of a primary source.
2) Discern the credibility of a secondary source.
3) Understand the limitations of a particular primary source.
4) Discern what questions can and cannot be answered, given the nature and availability of sources for a particular historical period, event, or institution.
5) Integrate material derived from primary and secondary sources into a narrative.
6) Understand different interpretations of historical events.
7) Evaluate evidence for a particular historical point of view.
8) Construct a historical argument.
9) Think critically about aspects of society (e.g., religion, politics, the arts, etc.) in  historical perspective.
10) Apply the above skills within the contexts of American, European, and Non-Western history