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The University awards Departmental Honors to students who complete all of the requirements for the undergraduate honors thesis. This award is presented in the spring semester at the University Honors Convocation.

All undergraduate students, whether or not they are in the Honors College, are eligible, provided they have a 3.0 overall grade point average, with a 3.2 in the department in which they intend to become a candidate. Students who are seniors in the Honors College are required to become candidates for departmental honors in order to remain in the College

Eligibility is assessed through the submission of the HON 494 application. This application must be signed by the student, Thesis Advisor, Department Chairperson in which honors is sought, and the UHTC Chairperson. Any uncertainty about a student's eligibility should be resolved by the Dean of the school of which the student will be receiving departmental honors.