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Honors 495

Download the Honors 495 Information Packet

Steps for HON 495 (Thesis II)

Once accepted as a candidate, with an approved prospectus, the student will register for HON 495. The permission for online registration is given by the University Honors Thesis Committee chairperson only, not the department chairperson. Notification of registration instructions is sent via e-mail to the student's SCSU email address.

Upon approval of the thesis prospectus during HON 494, the chairperson of the University Honors Thesis Committee will send the student (via email) an information packet that describes all requirements and procedures for the completion of the honors thesis (HON 495). Students will complete an honors thesis document and hold a honors thesis defense meeting during the semester they are enrolled in HON  495. The student should steadily work on research and writing, beginning as soon as possible after receiving approval of the thesis prospectus, in order to complete the thesis by the deadline indicated (typically 4 weeks prior to the end of the semester the student is enrolled in HON 495).

When the thesis is complete:

  • The student distributes copies of the thesis document to all members of their Thesis Committee, obtains feedback, and makes all necessary revisions. The Thesis Advisor provides final approval for the thesis document.
  • Upon approval of the thesis document from all members of the student's Thesis Committee, the student is responsible for arranging a time and place for the thesis defense (approximately one hour long) before their Thesis Committee. The Department Chairperson should also be invited, but is not required to attend the thesis defense.
  • The student MUST successfully defend their honors thesis prior to the date of the University Honors Convocation in order to receive their Departmental Honors at that event. If the student does not meet this deadline, but does complete the honors thesis at a later date, Department Honors will be awarded and the student will be invited to participate in the University Honors Convocation in the year that follows.
  • Note: HON 494 and HON 495 are 3-credit courses and therefore must adhere to all policies set by the University with regard to grading. The Thesis Advisor MUST issue a grade for each course at the conclusion of the semester. The Thesis Advisor cannot provide the student with a passing grade for HON 494 unless the thesis prospectus has been approved. The Thesis Advisor cannot provide the student with a passing grade for HON 495 unless the student has passed their thesis defense and submitted their final thesis document. In the event that the student is unable to complete the requirements for either of these courses, the student should consult with their Thesis Advisor, just as they would with their instructor for any other course. Incomplete grades will only be provided under extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the Thesis Advisor.