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Thesis Defense and Thesis Document


Students will select the members of their thesis committee in consultation with their Thesis Advisor. The thesis committee must have a minimum of 3 members. Two members must be from the department  of which the student is receiving Departmental Honors. If the student is graduating from the Honors College, at least one member must be from the Honors College faculty list (see Honors College website for a complete list of honors college faculty). The Honors College faculty member can serve in a dual role as one of the committee members listed below or serve as an additional member on the committee. Each thesis committee must consists of:

1) Thesis Advisor who serves as the instructor of record for HON 494 and HON 495;

2) University Reader who reads and approves the thesis prospectus during the semester the student is enrolled in HON 494, reads the final thesis document and attends the thesis defense during the semester the student is enrolled in HON 495;

3) Second Reader who reads the final thesis document and attends the thesis defense during the semester the student is enrolled in HON 495.

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Honors Thesis Defense

All students must schedule a thesis defense meeting with their committee members and department chairperson where they present the methods and results of their honors thesis and respond to questions from committee members. At the conclusion of this meeting, the committee will hold a brief meeting and vote on whether to grant the student the designation of "graduating with Departmental Honors." Deadlines are provided in the packet of HON 495 information each student and Thesis Advisor receives upon approval of their honors thesis prospectus. Students are asked to notify the chairperson of the University Honors Thesis Committee once a date and time have been set for the thesis defense. The Department Chairperson should be invited to the thesis defense meeting, but is not required to attend. 

At the conclusion of the honors thesis defense students must submit a signed copy of the Honors Thesis Defense Signature Sheet (provided on this website) to the chairperson of the University Honors Thesis Committee. The student must also submit an electronic copy of their thesis abstract, as an email attachment, to the chairperson of the University Honors Thesis Committee. This must be submitted prior to the University Honors Convocation so it can be posted on the University webpage prior to the event. 

Final Honors Thesis Document

All students are responsible for distributing a copy of the final draft of their honors thesis document to all committee members prior to the honors thesis defense meeting. Ideally, the student will allow enough time to receive feedback from committee members prior to holding the thesis defense, so that concerns can be addressed prior to the thesis defense presentation. Committee members should return their document to the Thesis Advisor, with comments, prior to or during the thesis defense meeting. The Thesis Advisor has sole responsibility for approving final edits on the thesis document.

Three preliminary pages are required for every thesis document: 1) Title page, 2) Signature page, and 3) Abstract page.  This signature page is separate from the Honors Thesis Defense Signature Page and only applies to the thesis document.

Once you have completed all revisions of your thesis document you must submit (1) unbound copy to the secretary for the Honors College (Engleman B225). This copy will then be forwarded to the Buley Library. It is also customary to provide your Thesis Advisor with a copy of your thesis document but this is left to the discretion of the student.

For questions about the honor thesis, please contact the current chairperson of the University Honors Thesis Committee.