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Interdisciplinary Studies Program

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UPDATED: Fall 2017 - IDS Advising Workshop Information

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Studies program at Southern Connecticut State University! The unique program allows you to combine disciplines/areas of study in ways to help you achieve personal and professional learning goals by developing advanced knowledge and skills in two or three disciplines. This flexible program allows you to ‘design your own degree program’ by using coursework from multiple disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Studies degree is suitable for students with interests in business issues, communications, diversity, environmental studies, human resources, international relations, liberal arts and sciences, fine arts, pre-health, pre-law and public relations. 

The difference between this program and a traditional major is that it does not restrict students to one academic discipline, but rather it allows them to broaden their studies by selecting two or three 18-credit concentrations from a list of established minors. Besides flexibility, this program also offers depth of study, requiring all students in the program to complete 36 credits of advanced coursework.

This flexible program is also ideal for transfer students and students returning to college who have completed coursework in the past, but whose credits might not be applicable to traditional bachelor or associate degrees. These programs give useable credit for a broader range of courses than traditional degrees, meaning that you will not lose credit for work you've already done and will not have to start all over again.

For more information on the Interdisciplinary Studies Program, please contact:

Dr. Sobeira Latorre, Director
Interdisciplinary Studies Office
Engleman Hall B 116
Phone: (203) 392-8113