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Drone Applications Minor

drone on campusThe Journalism Department offers an interdisciplinary minor with the Geography Department in Drone Applications. 

Study how drones (small unmanned aerial systems) are employed for geography, environmental sciences, journalism and other industries. This interdisciplinary minor prepares students with the fundamental knowledge, skills and experience in the technological, legal and ethical considerations and applications of drones in various fields. 

This minor is suited for students who are interested in learning about emerging drone technologies and how they can be applied to professional settings. The minor complements environmental sciences, geography, journalism and communication programs. 

The 18-credit minor includes the following requirements:

  • JRN 170/GEO 170 - Basic Drone Technology
  • JRN 370 - Drone Journalism
  • GEO 360 - Introduction to GIS
  • GEO 370 - Remote Sensing or JRN 470 - Advanced Drone Journalism

Students will also select two courses from the following:

  • GEO 270 - Maps and Map Making Technology
  • GEO 460 - GIS II
  • GEO 461 - Advanced Spatial Analysis for Environmental and Biophysical Applications
  • GEO 470 - Field Techniques
  • JRN 225 - Multimedia Journalism
  • JRN 270 - Introduction to Photojournalism
  • JRN 306 - Digital News Design
  • JRN 311 - Television News
  • JRN 497 - Journalism Internship (with department permission)