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In a changing news media landscape, this much remains true: People still want to know what is going on in the world and local community around them. The basic skills of reporting and writing remain unchanged.  What has changed are the expectations for journalists and the methods of delivery to readers and viewers.

SCSU's Journalism Department recognizes that the new news media requires more than a journalist who specializes in one medium such as newspaper, television or magazines. The new news media requires a multimedia journalist capable of producing a full package of news via text, video, audio, still photos, and graphics. The Journalism Department's curriculum is geared toward providing students with a full range of the knowledge, tools, and skills they will need to be successful in the field in this new news media landscape. 

Students who major in journalism at Southern have the option of studying for the B.A. or the Both major programs offer the broad liberal arts background necessary for careers in the media and in allied fields, such as business and public service, and for further study in law or graduate school. 

The B.A. degree program consists of 27 credits in journalism and emphasizes writing and reporting, technical, and web-centric skills and related studies in the liberal arts. The B.S. degree program consists of 33 credits in journalism and, in addition to writing, reporting, technical and web-centric skills, includes videography, photography and internships. Both programs include a 3-credit capstone course that requires a project and portfolio. The capstone, JRN 490, satisfies the LEP Tier 3 requirement. 

Students may apply to the Journalism Department for acceptance as majors as freshmen or at any point throughout their academic career. Those who apply after beginning their classes at Southern must have a 2.0 minimum GPA.  
Participation in a student activity involving the media, such as the student newspaper, the campus radio or television station, or the student magazine, is recommended beginning in the freshman year. This experience provides practical applications for academic studies and helps prepare students for internships. 
All journalism students, in both degree programs, must also complete credits in the Liberal Education Program, including JRN 135 - Digital Media Skills/JRN 170 Basic Drone Technology, JRN 101 - The Media: Freedom & Power, and JRN 490 - Journalism Capstone.  

Students also have the option of taking JRN 270 - Photojournalism or JRN 306 -- Digital News Design to fulfill the Tier II Creative Drive LEP requirement, and JRN 350 - American Journalism History to fulfill the Tier II American Experience requirement.


Journalism students in the Bachelor of Arts program are encouraged to consider a double major. Students must satisfy the requirements for both majors, and courses required for one major may not be used to complete requirements for the second major, but most liberal arts majors require between 30-36 credits for the B.A. degree. Double major students have selected, in combination with journalism, most other disciplines taught at Southern. Any combination adds breadth of knowledge as well as specialized information and skills to a journalism career. If you are interested, consult your faculty adviser early during your college years.