Full-Time Faculty

Bennett, Therese

Approximation of functions, numerical analysis, linear algebra, and computer aided geometric design.

Brin, Leon

Partial differential equations, conservation laws, stability of traveling waves, and chaos and fractals.

Carrigan, Braxton

 Discrete and computational geometry.

Carrigan, Catherine

Mathematics education.

Clark, Aaron

Geometric/combinatorial group theory and dynamical systems.

D'Amour, Alain

Abstract algebra, Jordan theory, and polynomial identities.

DeCesare, Richard

Mathematics education and native American mathematics.

Dennis, Emmett

Mathematics education and developmental mathematics.

Diamantis, Maria

Mathematics education.

Ebrahimian, Roohollah

Lattices of Lie groups, structure of central simple algebras and combinatorics.

Fields, Joseph

Combinatorics, coding theory, and discrete mathematics.

Gingrich, Ross

History of mathematics, differential equations, and analysis.

Gubitose, Cynthia

Mathematics education and developmental mathematics.

Hartog, Martin

Mathematics education, secondary school mathematics, and teacher education.

Hong, Jooyoun

Commutative algebra

Intarapanich, Peter

Policy capturing models, applications of statistics in non-standard settings, and methods of teaching statistics.

Kavanagh, John

Geometric topology and mathematics popularization.

Kruczek, Klay

Positional game theory and K-12 mathematics education.

Mugno, Raymond

Statistics, adaptive designs, and multivariate analysis.

Nabbout-Cheiban, Marie

Mathematics education, assessment in mathematics, teaching mathematics using technology, teachers' conceptions and practices, teaching of probability, teaching of geometry, teaching and learning of mathematical reasoning and proofs, psychology of learning mathematics.

Pinciu, Valeriu

Algebraic and geometric topology, graph theory, and computational geometry.

Scheuermann, John

Numerical methods, business and industrial applications, and numerical solutions of PDEs.

Vaden-Goad, Robert

Psychology of learning and teaching mathematics, and geometric topology.