Majors in Mathematics


Goals for Majors in Mathematics

Mathematics Major Core Requirements

All mathematics majors take the following core requirements:

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics program is the most flexible of the programs offered by the Mathematics Department. It requires that a student take the department core courses along with Abstract Algebra, Analysis, and a first course in Probability and Statistics. Beyond those requirements, it allows the student wide latitude in choosing the courses for the remainder of the program . That way, with the help of an advisor, a student can tailor the program to his or her individual interests.

Bachelor of Science - Secondary Education

Our program in Secondary Education, one of the best in the state, helps you become a skilled math teacher and leads to professional certification at graduation. Southern's major program in mathematics provides the groundwork you will need to meet the challenge of today's educational systems. First, it will help you acquire a thorough academic background in mathematics. Next, it will help you develop the flexibility and creativity to teach students of widely varying math ability and to enrich all your teaching, regardless of the students' talents. Finally, it will provide you with the practical and professional experience to make well informed decisions about such significant educational issues as homogeneous versus heterogeneous grouping, individualized instruction, curricula, textbook selection, teaching strategies, technology-enriched instruction, and problems of "math anxiety". Effective July 1, 2010, Connecticut law requires all students in teacher/educator certification programs to undergo state and national criminal history background checks before participating in school-based field experiences and student teaching.

Bachelor of Science - Applications of Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Applied Mathematics gives students a solid foundation in basic undergraduate mathematics as well as special training in the areas of greatest importance to applied mathematics. An attractive feature of the Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics is its varied applicability. Students can tailor their  experience by selecting cognate courses according to their interests. For example, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Economics, and Physics can be studied. Students may also elect, in addition to the regular requirements, an internship of up to six credits. During their internship, students perform professional duties and work with professionals in local businesses, industries, or government agencies.

Grade Requirements for Graduation

In order for a student to graduate with a major in mathematics, he/she must achieve at least a grade of C- in every core mathematics course, and in those mathematics courses which a student applies toward a major in mathematics, he/she must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and, at most, one grade below C-.