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B.A. in Media Studies


Core Requirements (18 credits):

 MDS 200:  How Media Mean
 MDS 222:  Media Theory
 MDS 245:  Introduction to Mass Media
 MDS 333:  Media Research
 MDS 442:  Media Criticism
 MDS 482:  Seminar in Media Studies

Electives from the major (15 credits):

Choose 5 courses from the following offerings:

 MDS 280:  Media Issues and Problems
 MDS 298:  Film Form, Film Culture
 MDS 300:  Persuasion and Argument in Media
 MDS 340:  Media Literacy Education for Students and Teachers
 MDS 350:  Resistive Vernaculars:  Hip Hop, Rap and Signifyin(g) 
 MDS 360:  Romance to Ruin:  Media and Relationships
 MDS 370:  Music Sound in Media
 MDS 398:  Illustrated Man:  Maleness & Masculinity in the Media
 MDS 398:  Television as Postmodern Irony
 MDS 398:  Hidden Agendas in the Media
 MDS 430:  Gender, Media, Culture
 MDS 450:  Sex, Violence and the American Dream
 MDS 497:  Media Studies Internship
 MDS 498:  Advance Special Topics
 MDS 499:  Media Studies Independent Study


Electives outside the major (9 Credits):

Choose 3 courses from the list below.  Other relevant courses may be taken with department permission:

ART 317: History of Women and Art
ART 364: Documentary Photography
ENG 371: Literature into Film
ENG 421: Feminist Theory and Literary Criticism
HIS 201: U.S. History through Film
JRN 260: Anthropology of Media
PHI 320: Thinking, Language and Culture
PHI 331: Media - The Ontology of Communication
PSC 312: Media, Polls and American Politics
PSY 303: Perception
SOC/WMS 404: Gender and the Law
THR 285: American Silent Films
THR 383: The Westerns
THR384: American Film Directors: Ford, Hawks, and Wilder
WMS/IDS 315: Heroines, Villains, and Victims