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Viara Sergueeva-Albonetti

Viara AlbonettiA native of Bulgaria, Viara Albonetti holds a Master of Music Degree and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, USA. Viara dedicates her professional work to both violin instruction and performance. She is a full-time instructor in violin and chamber music at the Neighborhood Music School, and adjunct violin faculty member at Southern Connecticut State University and Gateway Community College in New Haven. A member of various faculty ensembles, Viara is an active participant in the chamber music series at the Neighborhood Music School. She has performed in many countries in Europe, as well as in the USA, and Canada. For the past decade Dr. Albonetti has been involved in research on the place of folk music in the classical works of composers, focusing on the musical heritage of Bulgaria. This research has brought her work to participation in music events at Carnegie Hall, as well to presentations at international research forums in the USA and abroad. Another area of interest and research for Dr. Albonetti is the development of global music education and violin pedagogy.