Student Accomplishments and Activities


Sam Hylwa earned 3rd place in the 2014 W-course Writing Contest for his
PHI 490 seminar paper, "Rationally Revising (and Not Revising) Our Logic:  A Response to Arnold and Shapiro Concerning Quine's Web of Belief."

Ken Alba presented his paper, "Thaw the Frozen River:  Nietzsche's Return to the Greeks" at the College of the Holy Cross Undergraduate Philosophy Conference: Celebrating Philosophy:  A Dialogue on the Nature of Morality, Reality, and Knowledge, March 28th-29th, 2014.

 Jesse Kroll's Symphonic Pulse Dance Company
performed on April 24th at Lyman Center.   The title of the performance was
The Force of the Elements.

Symphonic Pulse Dance Company

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(Ready to go for a walk!!)                  PHI Major Ken and his new puppy are ready to go.

Prof. Harry's PHI 100 Class raised over $200 for Run for Refugees. 

(Feb. 2014 - Photos above provided by Prof. Harry)


Profs. Harry and Cathey's FYE Learning Community

RCCS 25th Anniversary Photos

Philosophy Senior ~~ Amanda Schneider ~~ recently took a course in Bermuda. Click here for photos.

Click here for Pictures from Day of Service 2013 (Prof. Harry, Philosophy Major Jesse Kroll, Prof. Cathey, and Prof' Harry's PHI 100 students)

Prof. Pettigrew with Philosophy Major Justin, entertain in the Philosophy Office. guitarPhoto by Prof. Harry

 Student Accomplishments: 

Congratulations to Nathan Coppedge who has self-published a book titled  The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit which focuses on objective knowledge, using opposite categories to produce new types of knowledge claims based on minimal assumptions. This is the first volume of a Dimensional Encyclopedia.  Nathan is a Philosophy Major in his sophomore year.9/13


Congratulations to Sam Hylwa who will  be traveling to Monatana this weekend to present his paper, "Robert Grosseteste and the History of the Actual Infinite," at the Montana State University International Undergraduate Student Conference in Philosophy.  The papers from this conference will be published online.  (9/5/13)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This summer Jesse Kroll and Amanda Schneider took advantage of the study abroad program:  Jesse went to Spain and Amanda went to Bermuda.  Both had a great time!  (8/13)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lianne Scally recently had her article "Ancient Greek Women Philosophers" accepted for publication in the journal Anemoi.