Industry Academic Fellowship Program

The Werth Family Foundation sponsored Industry Academic Fellowship (IAF) program at the ConnSCU-CNT provides undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to conduct team-based interdisciplinary research. During the course of this eight-week summer program, IAF students will conduct research in collaboration with educators and industry professionals, while exploring the business-related aspects of technology. Research teams will be working on nanotechnology projects with topics including nano-medicine and nano-environmental studies. Click below for the flyer.  More information is available at the SCSU/Yale/CRISP website. 

 Werth Family Foundation, Thumbnail for flyer, Summer 2015

Our 2014 summer students are: Caitlin Hansen, Keven Dahlberg, Mohd Hossain, Archibald Agyekum-Yamoah and Alexis Ernst.

 IAF Students Group Photo

Click this link for individual photos and student bios.