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Core Courses - 9 credits

PSC 520 - Nationalism and International Security
PSC 535 - Contemporary Warfare
PSC 585 - Global Politics and Policy


Elective Courses - 9 credits

Political Science courses on international and comparative politics: Asia, Europe, Russia, Field Seminar, Global Politics, and Problems in International Relations, U.S. Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy Analysis, or the U.S. in World Politics.

Each student elects one of the following options:


Master's Thesis

A student must complete 24 graduate credits and PSC591 - Thesis Seminar (6 credits).


Comprehensive Examination

A student must complete 30 graduate credits and pass a comprehensive examination.


Special Project

A student must complete 36 graduate credits including PSC 600 - Independent Study, in which a major paper will be completed.


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