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Bachelor of Arts Degree

Required courses

PSC 200 - Political Change and Conflict
PSC 240 - U. S. Political Thought
PSC 260 - U. S.Government
PSC 270 - International Relations

PSC 365  -  Research Methods in Political Science
PSC 475 - Capstone Seminar

Eighteen (18) credits in PSC courses at the 300 level or higher with at least one course in each of the fields of Political Science: U.S. Government, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Thought.

The Political Science Department supports initiative and creativity among its major students by granting approval for qualified juniors and seniors to enroll in PSC 499 - Independent Study, and PSC 495 - Honors in Political Science.  The department also administers an internship program, PSC 497, which enables qualified students to earn 6-15 academic credits as well as practical experience in the political process through work in various governmental and political institutions. 

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