Master's Program Requirements

A student may choose a program with a thesis or a comprehensive examination. In a thesis program, a minimum of 30 credits must be completed, 24 credits in course work and 6 credits in Psychology thesis. In a program involving a comprehensive examination, a minimum of 30 credits in course work and the comprehensive exam must be satisfactorily completed.

For all students, the following courses are required:

Both of the following (preferably during the first two semesters of attendance):

At least one of the following:

At least one of the following:


A student may elect up to 6 credits of graduate courses from related disciplines with the approval of the graduate coordinator. Not all courses will be offered each semester, but will ordinarily rotate on a two-year plan.


Students planning to apply to doctoral programs or anticipating a career in research are encouraged to select thesis as an option. Normally, the thesis option is granted to students who have accumulated at least 15 graduate credits in psychology at Southern Connecticut State University with a grade point average of "B+" (3.3).

It is the candidate's responsibility to have formulated a preliminary idea to be researched and to seek out a faculty member in the psychology department who is interested in serving as a thesis sponsor. The normal sequence is to register for thesis after securing a sponsor. The first semester is devoted to developing a proposal; after approval by the sponsor, graduate committee, and graduate dean, the thesis is then completed during the second semester. The completed thesis is reviewed for acceptance by the sponsor, department graduate committee, and the graduate dean.

Comprehensive Exam

A written comprehensive examination is required in addition to 30 credits of course work. Students should select their courses so that they are well prepared for the different sections of the exam. The comprehensive exam will be scheduled twice a year, in April and November. Students selecting this option should apply to the Graduate Coordinator no later than the second week of classes of the semester in which they intend to take the exam.