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If you are following the older requirements, take note that:

  • The GPA cutoff for acceptance is 2.50 (it's 2.70 in the newer programs)
  • You will need to contact the department chair for permission to take most upper-level Psychology courses: PSY 303, 311, 313, 383, 393, and all 400s. These now require both PSY 259 and PSY 300. PSY 300 is not a requirement for you, so we will waive these prerequisites but it has to be done by request.


  • You started at SCSU in Spring 2012 or earlier
  • You started at SCSU in Fall 2012 with 9 or more transfer credits
  • You started at SCSU in Spring 2013 with 25 or more transfer credits
  • You started at SCSU in Fall 2013 with 61 or more transfer credits

Catalog Description

The Psychology Department offers three major courses of study. These lead to a degree in psychology, psychology with a specialization in mental health, or psychology with a psychology specialization in research. Students with the appropriate prerequisites may take offerings from any specialization, including field practicum and data gathering courses. The degree offers preparation for graduate training in all areas of psychology, meeting the basic entrance requirements of M.A., Ph.D., and Psy.D. programs.

 Minimum Grade Requirement
All majors in psychology must meet the minimum overall GPA of 2.50 and have a grade of C or higher in psychology courses counted toward the major. Declared majors should apply for Acceptance after they have completed 45 credits and before they have completed 60 credits. Transfer students must take at least 50 percent of their psychology credits at SCSU and meet the standards outlined above; transfer students should complete one semester and apply for Acceptance if their total credits equal or exceed 45 credits.

GPA Calculator
If your current GPA is below the required minimum of 2.50 to be a Psychology major, click here use the GPA Calculator to find out what grades you will need to earn to raise your GPA to 2.50.

How to Apply 
To apply to become accepted as a psychology major, please fill out the green "Application for Acceptance as Psychology Major by Psychology Department" form, which you can pick it up in the Psychology Department office.