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Master of Science Degree in Environmental Education

The Master of Science in environmental education is useful preparation for educators and others whose interest and/or responsibilities involve improving the environment. It is open to graduate students regardless of their undergraduate academic majors. An emphasis on practicality and application of theory reflects a focus on bringing about environmental change through educational processes. The objective of the program is to prepare well informed people who are dedicated to improving environmental conditions.

eve in the fieldThe program is designed for certified teachers or others with a strong interest in environmental issues and education. Courses are designed to enhance students' understanding of environmental sciences, policy development, belief systems, and environmental teaching methods.

The typical program is composed of thirty-six (36) credits of coursework selected by the student in consultation with his/her graduate adviser from the environmental education offerings and includes a special project. Cognate courses from other areas may be included when the planned program of study is developed. There are no required courses other than those associated with the degree path taken. 


EVE 532 - Ecosystems and Environmental Concerns
EVE 534 - Readings and Research in Environmental Concerns
EVE 535 - Environmental Teaching Methods
EVE 536 - Environmental Education Workshop - A Field Course
EVE 537 - Analytical Techniques and Instrumentation
SCE 575 - Integrated Science Experience
EVE 599 - Field Studies in Environmental Education (Special Project)
    or  Thesis
EVE 590 - Thesis Seminar


EVE 531 - Group Dynamics and Environmental Problem Solving
EVE 533 - Economics of Environmental Concerns
EVE 538 - Aesthetics and Art in the Environment
EVE 539 - Political and Legal Aspects of Environmental Concerns
EVE 540 - Environmental Design
EVE 545 - Curriculum Materials in Environmental Teaching
EVE 546 - Environmental Education Curriculum Writing Workshop
EVE 550 - Environment and Belief: An Interplay of Systems
EVE 551 - Environmental Action Research: A Field Study (4 credits)
EVE 599 - Energy Use and Global Climate Change
EVE 599 - Field Studies in Environmental Education
EVE 600 - Directed Independent Study in Environmental Education

For those wishing to pursue a Teaching Certificate in Secondary Science, there are additional Professional Courses, and a requirement of Admissions to the School of Education and the Certification Program.


HIS 110 / 112 - U.S. History (options, choose one of three-credit courses)
PSY 370 - Educational Psychology
SED 482 - Teaching Exceptional Students
EDF 520 / 526 - Educational Foundations (options, choose one of three-credit courses)
SHE 203 - School Health
IDS 470 - Literacy in the Content Area (1.5 credit)
IDS 471 - English Language Learners in the Classroom (1.5 credit)
SCE 490 - Methods / Curriculum in Secondary Schools
SCE 494 - Secondary School Student Teaching (8 credits)
SCE 496 - Student Teaching Seminar (1 credit)