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Master of Science Degree in Science Education

The Master of Science in science education is designed for certified science teachers or those students interested in obtaining certification in secondary science. Candidates choose an area of concentration from within the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics or earth science). A minimum of 15 credits within the sciences must be completed. The balance of the program provides preparation in science education including the history and philosophy of science, the use of technology in the secondary classroom, science curriculum and an integrated science project.

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The program has been designed to address the National Science Standards for Professional Development in science education. To complete the capstone requirement, students will be able to choose between a Master's thesis or special project in an area of science or science education.



SCE 570 - History and Dimensions of Scientific Thought
SCE 572 - Recent Developments in Science Education
SCE 573 - Multimedia Technology in the Science Classroom
SCE 574 - Special Projects in Science Education
                 - or Thesis
SCE 575 - Integrated Science Experience
IDS 571 - Science Lab Practice

12 Graduate Credits in Science (offered in Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics)
6 Elective Credits


SCE 520 - Conceptual Approaches to Learning Science in the Elementary School
SCE 521 - Science Curriculum: Elementary School
SCE 543 - Energizing the Teaching of Science and Mathematics
SCE 500 - History of Science
SCE 517 - Developments in Science Education
SCE 598 - Mentorships and Internships in Science Learning
SCE 599 - Field Study in Science Learning
SCE 600 - Directed Independent Study and Research
SCE 601 - Cognitive Structures in Science Education
SCE 602 - Research and Readings in Science Education
SCE 603 - Science Supervision and Guided Self Analysis


For those wishing to pursue a Teaching Certificate in Secondary Science, there are additional Professional Courses, and a requirement of Admissions to the School of Education and the Certification Program.


HIS 110 / 112 - U.S. History (options, choose one of three-credit courses)
PSY 370 - Educational Psychology
SED 482 - Teaching Exceptional Students
EDF 520 / 526 - Educational Foundations (options, choose one of three-credit courses)
SHE 203 - School Health
IDS 470 - Literacy in the Content Area (1.5 credit)
IDS 471 - English Language Learners in the Classroom (1.5 credit)
SCE 490 - Methods / Curriculum in Secondary Schools
SCE 494 - Secondary School Student Teaching (8 credits)
SCE 496 - Student Teaching Seminar (1 credit)