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Theatre Dept Degree Requirements

SCSU offers a B.A. in Theatre. Students may also pursue a theatre minor in conjunction with a major in another field. The department does not offer a graduate degree.

Students must satisfy the degree requirements listed in the undergraduate catalog for the year they matriculate. These requirements may change from year to year. The requirements listed here are for students matriculating in the fall of 2014.

Our B.A. program offers opportunities for students to engage in every facet of theater - from page to stage. Theater students take classes in acting, dancing, elocution, design, technical theater, history, and dramaturgy. And yet they still have the freedom within the curriculum to focus on their studies on areas of interest. Additionally, our students have ample opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge in our four-show season where they are closely mentored by our outstanding faculty professionals.


In addition to the general university requirements, Theatre majors must fulfill 40 credits within the department. Majors must take:

  • THR 121 - Introduction to Performance
  • THR 122 - Stage Speaking
  • THR 131 - Principles of Theatrical Design
  • THR 151 - Stagecraft I
  • THR 211-212 - History of Theatre I and II
  • THR 223 - Historic Dance for Actors
  • THR 240 - Dramaturgy
  • THR 296, 396 - Technical Theatre Production I and II (4 credits)
  • An additional 12 elective credits of theatre and/or dramatic literature, approved by the department.

Also, any Theatre major who fails to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.7 in theatre courses will not be allowed to participate in any departmental productions or department sponsored activities.


18 Credits Required
Select one from:

  • THR 121 - Introduction to Performance
  • THR 131 - Principles of Theatrical Design
  • THR 151 - Stagecraft I

Select one from:

  • THR 211 - 212 History of Theatre I and II
  • THR 240 - Forms of Drama

Select one of the following 1 credit course:

  • THR 296 - Technical Theatre Production I
  • THR 396 - Technical Theatre Production II
  • THR 291 - Rehearsal and Performance I
  • THR 391 - Rehearsal and Performance II

Select an additional 11 credits of theatre electives competes the minor. The student is encouraged to seek the advisement of a department member when planning a program.


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